Waikato Milking Systems offers you a wide range of milking solutions to suit every type and size of dairy operation, wherever in the world you are.

We design and manufacture world-leading dairy technology to improve your farm business and lifestyle. Our products make your milking routine more efficient and productive, while also contributing to improving your herd’s health and wellbeing.We are a complete milking systems business, and bring you the latest in rotary and herringbone milking systems and components.

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Rotary Systems

A rotary platform is the most efficient method of milking large herds. A rotary platform and milking machine from Waikato... 

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Herringbone Systems

An in-line stall set-up is an efficient, and economical solution for milking commercial herds.
Typically an in-line system requires a smaller... 

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All the milking components from Waikato Milking Systems are built to the highest standards to ensure you get the best...