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75% lighter and 8 times stronger than traditional concrete alternatives

The revolutionary Centrus composite rotary milking parlor is now available in a range of sizes.

Centrus composite rotary platforms are unique in the world. Unlike concrete alternatives, which are built on site, each composite deck is manufactured in the factory to consistent quality standards.

An exciting innovation in the manufacture of these unique platforms has enabled Waikato Milking Systems to move beyond a predetermined stall configuration, providing farmers with unheralded freedom to tailor their farming operation.

The deck sections of the Centrus are formed in a multi-layer laminated process. The result is a deck which is 75% lighter and eight times stronger than traditional concrete alternatives resulting in reduced wear and tear and maintenance costs.

The composite platform is insulated from the ground,protecting staff and cows from static electricity.

With proper care, Centrus composite platforms will look like new for their entire life, never pitting or cracking with age and/or exposure to effluent and chemicals.

Cow comfort is enhanced with the addition of specially formulated and replaceable rubber mats in every stall. The mats are soft to stand on so they protect the cows’ hooves during milking and promote a quieter milking environment.

The weight of the Centrus composite rotary platform is supported by unique adjustable Pivot Rollers which maintain perfect alignment with the platform’s support structure (the ‘I’ beam) even under 24 hour milking conditions.

Waikato Milking Systems manage each stage of he production and commissioning of each Centrus composite rotary platform – from manufacture through to the first milking – to preserve the integrity of this superb product. The platforms arrive on site – anywhere in the world – accompanied by a specialist team who oversee the unloading, set-up and commissioning of every Centrus milking platform.

• Available in a range of sizes so you can customize your new parlor
• 75% lighter and 8 times stronger than concrete
• Modular deck sections bond together for ease of assembly
• Choice of stall widths
• Choice of platform depth from 1.9m (6.2ft) to 2.7m (8.8ft)
• Rubber mats in every stall add to cow comfort, safety and quiet milking environment
• Deck surface impervious to urine and chemicals
• Fully adjustable 100mm (3.9 inch) Pivot Roller assembly
• Wide 100mm (3.9 inch) ‘I’ beam contact strip
• Pre-bracketed for all Waikato Milking Systems’ equipment

• Extreme lightness and strength translate to reduced wear,
tear and maintenance
• Light weight enables platform to stop very quickly in emergency situation
• Pivot Rollers easily installed, adjusted and maintained
• Deck surface, with proper care, will look like new for life of the platform
• Cost effective to run – powered by two 2.2kw units
• Each stage of production is managed – from manufacture to first milking
• Available anywhere in the world