Guy Williamson Swartberg, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa

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Waikato SA was Guy Williamson's first choice for the quality of their equipment and high standards of service.

'Over 10 years ago I chose Waikato Milking Systems to install my 40 point Supa4. It has only served me well and together with the excellent service I have received from Waikato KZN it has been an absolute winner. When choosing who would build my 66 point rotary parlor it was an obvious choice to use Waikato, Afimilk, Rockwood and Serap'.

Dairy Type

66 stall Rockwood platform with Waikato Milking Systems Rotary Milking machine

Herd Size 1400 cows
Key Technologies Afimilk Herd Management Technologies