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System that fits the farm just right

The Kavanagh’s new 28 aside herringbone is sized right for the farm and the herd enabling one person to efficiently milk around 300 cows. 

The clusters feature quadrant liners, which have a unique square barrel which grips the teat during pulsation phases reducing slip. 

Danny says SmartDRIVE provides stable and consistent vacuum and each SmartPULS pulsator services two clusters, making them a cost efficient option. 

“Washdown’s swing-down jetter arm is within easy reach without obstructing movement. It’s a very good shed to milk in – just right for this farm.”

Dairy Type

Herringbone Supa4

Herd Size

300 Cows

Plant Size

28 a side

Key Technologies

SmartPULS, Swing Down Jetters, SmartDRIVE