SHANXI NONGKEN HUAYIN FARM Huayin, Shanxi Province, China

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Ideal environment for staff and animals

Twin Orbit XP HD Rotary Platforms enable the Shanxi Nongken Group to milk 1000 cows per hour on its 60 hectare farm at Huayin in the Shanxi Province.

When first established, the farm milked 3000 cows three times a day but this will increase to 6000 cows when the farm reaches its potential.  

The twin 72 stalls Orbit XP HD Rotary parlours incorporate the latest stalls design and are located on one level with the machine rooms on a second level.  

The parlours have no walls, allowing good airflow, and an insulated roof minimises heat deflection in the milking environment. Combined, these enhancements create an ideal environment for staff and animals.

Dairy Type Twin Orbit XP HD Rotaries
Herd Size 3000 cows (2016) increasing to 6000
Plant Size

2x72 Stalls

Key Technologies

Afimilk Herd Management