James and Donna Wilkins Yalca, Northern Victoria, Australia

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Easy to operate, clean and good cow flow has made the Wilkins' happy

When James and Donna Wilkins purchased the Yalca farm in 2015 it was milking 300 to 400 cows through a 33 aside swingover herringbone. A comprehensive redevelopment was undertaken which included a 54 bail Orbit rotary with SmartECRs, weigh scales and auto-drafting.

Jared McNair was appointed sharemilker at the start of 2016. 

“Heifers are trained while in the springing herd, so by the time they calve they’re used to coming into the yards.

“The shed’s cow flow is a big factor to how quickly they settle as is the fact they’re not touching or bothered by cows in adjacent bails.

 “I’m happy with the new dairy. It’s very easy to operate and clean and one person comfortably milks 800 cows.”

Herd Size 800 Cows
Dairy Type Orbit Concrete Rotary
Plant Size

54 Stalls

Key Technology