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The Capra - for goats and sheep, is a world-class rotary platform that gives you outstanding outcomes – every milking.

Designed in consultation with farmers, it works with the behaviour of both goats and sheep to achieve the best possible animal flow and milk-out. Goats and sheep enter the Capra from the centre of the platform, using an underpass and are milked facing outwards.

Separate underpasses are provided for the animals and the operators. This ensures stress-free milking for the animals and gives operators easy access to the milking area at all times, helping to improve your efficiency.

The Capra Rotary Platform is setting a new standard for trusted rotaries in the dairy goat and sheep industry in New Zealand and internationally.


• Superior integration – fits perfectly with a milking machine from Waikato Milking Systems for unmatched milking performance.
• Customisable – a range of sizes and options means you can per fectly meet the needs of your milking business.
• Upgradable – easily add technology to further simplify your milking routine, including electronic cup removers or BailGates.


• Exceptional milking – purpose built to achieve the best possible goat and sheep milk-out.
• Efficient – easy to install, use and maintain, the Capra frees time for other activities in your farm business.
• 100%  designed  and  manufactured  in New Zealand – so you know you’re getting a trusted product.

Modular Design - 

The Capra Rotary Platform comes as a kitset that is quick and easy to install. Only minimal on-site engineering is needed – so you’ll be up and milking in no time.

Robust Product - 

The 900mm wide aluminium deck is strong, lightweight and robust. The deck overhang protects your milking equipment. The lighter weight means drive gear lasts longer.