The Waikato Difference Changing the face of dairying around the world

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Changing the face of dairying around the world

When you work with Waikato Milking Systems you’ll become familiar with the reasons we are ranked as one of the world’s leading milking systems and rotary platform manufacturers.

Waikato Milking Systems are found in most dairy regions of the world. They are purchased with confidence by better informed farmers and installed with pride by a company dedicated to exceptional service.

Our professional sales team will work with you to find solutions to the things that matter most and when the decisions are made and the work is done we’ll demonstrate to you what on-going support is really all about.

With 24/7 dairy’s operating around the world and the need for “different things for different markets” Waikato Milking Systems offers with confidence, milking systems in many configurations. Providing a range of milking equipment in this way with the technical options to suit the needs of an individual requires product flexibility few others can offer.

Precisely engineered: 
The Waikato Milking systems brand is renown around the world for its engineering excellence, product integrity and innovation

Technically superior:
Designed to maximise production, Waikato Milking Systems include features that make milking faster and more enjoyable

Unique components:
Using state of the art components provides a higher level of user satisfaction when an upgrade is required

Labour saving:
Waikato Milking Systems are reliable, easy to use and milk more cows with less labour. One person can milk up to 500 cows

Low maintenance:
Combining cutting edge technology with modern manufacturing methods to produce a wide range of low maintenance milking systems

Tough, durable product:
Operating in the toughest, most demanding environments — proof of a very successful global product

Protecting your investment:
Upgrading an existing machine is easy and cost effective when you buy fully integrated Waikato product, we call it “future proofing”

Improve Herd health:
Precision pulsation and high volume milking clusters are standard features designed to promote better udder health, and lower Somatic Cell Counts

Cost of ownership:
When you purchase a Waikato Milking System you will enjoy the lowest “long term cost of ownership” when compared to any other brand

There is only one Waikato, one standard of design, innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer service. Experience the Waikato difference.