Solid, proven and reliable

The Orbit 2500 is a base model milking system without automation that utilises solid, proven technology to provide you with a clean and efficient milking environment.

Recognised for its strength and integrity, the design of the Orbit rotary concrete platform ensures excellent cow flow on and off the platform and provides easy access to milking equipment.

The platform is supplied with one operator console that includes safety devices and protection equipment, and the SmartFIT mounting systems allow for fast installation of equipment and easy maintenance.

The Orbit 2500 milking system can be upgraded seamlessly with Waikato Milking Systems’ dairy automation technology to increase your productivity and reduce labour costs.

See it in action

See how the Orbit 2500 provides an efficient milking environment with easily accessible milking equipment.


The Orbit 2500 provides a solid, proven and reliable base model milking system to improve your efficiency.

Excellent cow flow and effluent run-off

The outward-facing sloping deck allows for easy entry and exit, while ensuring effluent runs to the outside of the platform.

A quiet, efficient milking environment

An easy-to-use milking platform utilising solid, proven technology for quiet and efficient milking.

Deck designed for protection and efficiency

The wide deck provides protection for machinery, and the unique deck ports allow for better cluster alignment and application.

What's included

•  100mm concrete deck
•  Hot dipped galvanised steel teardrop bail design ensures cow comfort and protects the milking equipment
•  Large walkway in front of cows
•  High strength steel rollers
•  Simple lubrication system
•  Full circumference start/stop control and emergency stop cord
•  Heavy Duty D-Gate with integrated water jet
•  Entry crush switch for cow safety
•  1 x Standard Operator Console includes start/stop, speed control, platform reverse and emergency stop
•  SmartFIT Brackets for faster on-farm setup:No extra/hidden costs to fit the milking machine
•  Fully compatible with all Waikato Milking Systems’ milking automation technologies
•  Fixed Roller under carriage

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What you can add

These are some of the products you could add to your Orbit 2500

Electronic Milk Meter

Real-time milking data to monitor and improve your herd’s productivity and performance.


Reduce your labour and improve your milking consistency, accuracy and efficiency .


A pre-programmed wash controller to save on labour and increase your efficiency.


Automated teat spraying that reduces your labour and increases your efficiency.

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