Orbit Systems

View our range of Orbit Concrete Milking Systems

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Centrus Systems

View our range of Centrus Composite Milking Systems for high performance

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One Person Rotary

Increase your milking efficiency, performance and productivity with a one person rotary milking system.

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Velocity 9500

Maximise your industrial-level efficiency 24/7, with the Centrus 9500i milking system’s full-suite of automation technology and industrial rollers.

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Platform Refits / Upgrades

Improve your milking performance and productivity, with a Platform Refit.

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Supa4 InLine Systems

A Waikato Supa4 is a premium quality mid mounted swing-over milking system

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Loopline Mid-Line System

Designed to maximise milking efficiency and easy to use

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Low Line System

A reliable, well proven solution for swing-over In-Line parlours

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