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The 320HP Milking Cluster has been ergonomically designed to provide a reduced cluster weight, minimising operator fatigue. Teat condition and udder health is improved for teats of all sizes. The perfect fit of the vented liner provides you with unsurpassed milk extraction and even milk flow from all quarters.

The unique design of the claw conforms to the latest cow genetics, with narrow rear inlets to improve milk flow through the teat canal and high-capacity 5/8” and 3/4” outlet versions to effectively and efficiently move milk away from the teat end during liner closure.

With its robust, lightweight and ergonomic design, the 320HP MILKING CLUSTER provides best-in-class teat and vacuum performance, and allows the vacuum, pulsation, liner, and the milking unit to work together to optimise the milk harvesting process.

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The 320HP MILKING CLUSTER allows you to achieve the fastest milking speed possible, for maximum efficiency.

Ergonomically designed for cows and the operator

Provides the optimum fit for cows of all sizes, animal comfort, and easy handling for operators of all hand-sizes

25% lighter cluster design

Weighs only 1.6kg with a 320ml Claw Bowl, and comes with a 5 year unconditional bowl warranty

Maximum milking speed and efficiency

Higher capacity ensures peak flow rate performance and enhanced flow rates when combined with the specified liner and shell combination.

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