The cost-effective way to measure milk volume

The Waikato Milking Systems Yield Indicator is a cost-effective unit that measures your milk volume with an accuracy of +/- 10%, allowing you to monitor every animal’s milking performance to improve your herd management decisions.

The Yield Indicator works by measuring the milk flowing through the unit past two probes that calculate the milk volume automatically. Featuring no moving parts and a single long-life gasket, the robust design of the Yield Indicator ensures reliability with low maintenance and operational costs.

The unit’s ingress protection (IP) makes it suitable for us within all milking parlour environments, and also features a sensor to ensure the milking lines are cleaned at the right temperature.

By providing you with milk volume data, the Yield Indicator allows you to understand which animals are the highest and lowest performers so you can make more informed management decisions - at an entry level price.

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The Waikato Milking Systems Yield Indicator is the cost-effective way to monitor every animal’s milking performance.

Suitable for all milking parlor environments

Options available for cows (high flow) and sheep/goats (low flow), and can be used in low line and high line milking parlors.

Easy to install, for a long-life

Featuring quality components (glass filled nylon polymer with a stainless steel bracket) for durability and reliability.

Individual animal yield recording

When combined with NaviGate / DairyHQ™ software, every animal’s milking performance can be monitored.

What's Included:
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket:  for connection to your milking parlour
  • Network communications cable:  between the Milk Yield Indicator and the Waikato Milking Systems Bail Marshall controller

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What you can add

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