Real-time milking information and alerts, on display.

The User Display provides the operator with the exact status of each animal, and includes any alerts that may have occurred.

Mounted on a 60° angle above the operator and out of the way of your milking operation, the User Display features a backlit LCD display with large characters making the information and data quick and easy to read.

Bright red flashing LEDs illuminate the back of the User Display when there is an alert - making it easy for the operator to detect an issue and take appropriate action quickly and effectively.

With a robust stainless steel housing, the User Display is protected from day-to-day impacts and high pressure wash hoses.

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The User Display allows you to monitor real-time milking information on your animals.

Real-time information and alerts

Displays real-time information including Current Yield & Flow Rate, Milking Time, Animal ID and Operator Alerts

Animal drafting features

Animals can be drafted from the display

Retain cows in bail

Manual retain cow in bail with with optional BailMate / BailGate features.

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