Cost-effective and efficient milk cooling, in the vat.

Milk vat chilling is a cost-effective option for farms whose milk is collected every other day.

The milk vat chilling system chills milk once it is in the milk vat, and utilises inverter compressors and electronic valves to ensure precise load matching and maximum energy efficiency.

Vertical air discharge, with fan Variable Speed Drive, maximises heat rejection regardless of the wind direction - optimising performance in all ambient temperatures.

The efficiency of the unit to chill milk below 10°C (50°F) is reliant on cool water temperatures. The Milk vat chilling system can be easily retrofitted into existing dairy parlours between milkings.


Milk vat chilling minimises your set-up costs while maximising your energy efficiency.

Industry standard milk cooling

Enables efficient chilling of milk in the vat to meet industry standard cooling regulations.

Retrofit to existing units

Ideal for upgrades to existing units on the farm milk vat.

Maximum energy efficiency

Inverter technology maximises energy efficient with precise load matching.

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