A smaller footprint, that’s bigger on efficiency.

With a small footprint means the Ice Bank can easily be accommodated in existing dairy parlours, and are ideal for herds of up to 600 cows - but can also be sized for larger herd sizes.

The Ice Bank manufactures ice between milkings with little or no impact on electricity supply, and minimises the amount of water required.

Milk enters the milk vat at the industry standard, generally around 6°C (42.8°F), but can enter the vat from 5°C (41°F) depending on the farm’s logistics. Existing units can sometimes be used to run the Ice Bank and cool the milk once it has entered the vat.

Smaller sized systems are delivered to site, tested and filled with refrigerant, greatly reducing the cost of an initial installation.


The Ice Bank maximises your milk cooling efficiency, while minimising your water and power requirements.

Small footprint to suit most farms

Easily installed on the majority of farms, the unit can be accommodated in most existing dairy parlours.

Minimum water requirement

The unit requires a minimum amount of water making it ideal for farms with a limited water supply.

Reduced power load

Ice is manufactured between milkings to avoid unnecessary load on the power supply.

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