Simple and efficient milk cooling, in a snap.

Glycol Snap Chilling units are ideal for large, continuous 24/7 farming operations, new parlours with 6+ hour milkings, or large herd farms - due to the specific levels of electricity required.

Powered by inverter technology, Glycol Snap Chilling units are able to ramp up to match the load required and deliver power savings of up to 40% over standard compressors.

Each Glycol unit is sized to ensure the milk temperature is approximately 6°C (42.8 °F) when it enters the milk vat - and a backup unit on the base of the tank is recommended to keep the milk to the industry standard while in the milk vat.

Glycol chilling can also be supplied with standard technology.


The Glycol Snap Chilling system maximises energy efficiency for larger farming operations.

Reliable and efficient

The units provide low milk entry temperature of 6°C (42.8°F) before it enters the milk vat.

Maximum energy efficiency

Inverter technology provides power savings of up to 40% over standard compressors.

Sizes to suit all farms

The system can be installed on all farm sizes and are ideal for large 24/7 operations.

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