Milk Sensing Technology

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As a part of continually improving our product range and services we provide to our dairy farmers, we have recently bought out AIC Dairy Technologies in the USA. They are at the forefront of dairy sensing technologies in their market.

AIC is a dynamic company with significant depth in the Dairy Equipment Business. 100 years of Dairy Equipment knowledge coupled with electronic and software capabilities, AIC is Advancing Dairy Technology for the purpose of improving udder health, and milking efficiency at affordable prices.

The mission of AICWaikato is to benefit the dairy industry by providing products with our advanced technologies at affordable prices. We will maintain the highest quality products in return Dairy Producers will see substantial returns by less labor, decreased vet costs, better cow health and increased milk quality.

AIC's patented "SMART SENSING" technology offers significant benefits to users, featuring milk yield, milk temperature and conductivity in a small, economical, easy to clean package.

Over the last several years, AIC has configured its SMART SENSING technology into the most advanced detacher systems available in the industry today. All developments are thoroughly tested in our milking lab, then placed in 24/7 dairy operations.

We pride ourselves in that all systems are built to order. Our systems are configured to easily adapt to all brands of milking equipment, building them to order allows us to configure the system at the lowest possible cost to our customers.

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