Milk Cooling

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Refrigeration is a key element in ensuring your milk is stored at the correct temperature and Waikato Milking Systems has a new range of refrigeration solutions for every size dairy.

Waikato Milking Systems on-farm refrigeration solutions are cost effective, energy efficient, reliable products that will help farmers meet and exceed the new NZCP1 cooling regulations while providing piece of mind that their valuable milk is cooled quickly.

All ranges of pre-cooling and tank options are sized and priced to meet most farmer’s cooling and budget needs. All pre-cooling and tank options come with the broad range of advantages outlined above.


  • Precise load matching with inverter driven compressor automatically compensates to ensure maximum energy efficiency
  • Soft start compressor reduces shock loads on electrical suppl
  • Electronic expansion valves for maximum efficiency of the refrigeration in the tank and peak performance under all  ambient conditions
  • Low Global Warming Potential refrigerant to meet increasing control of synthetic gases and environmental protection obligations