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Reliable drafting - Every time

NaviGATE: reliable drafting every time in rotary and herringbone dairies. Waikato Milking Systems’ looked at the most effective systems in the world and talked to the farmers using them.

We gained insight to where enhancements needed to be made. Those needs plus other innovations are incorporated in the NaviGATE drafting system. For the first time, a drafter which is quiet so cows don’t panic. The electrical and pneumatic components are protected from the weather and the dairy environment. These advances equate to efficiency, longer life and reduced wear and tear.


• Panelled gates so cows won’t panic and try to push through
• Four self-lubricating hinges per gate – quiet and robust
• Pneumatic and electrical components positioned in roof - protected from UV, weather and effluent
• Pneumatic gates are fitted with a regulator protecting them from damage
• Three lasers to detect cows, again located in the roof where they remain clean and efficient
• Can be retrofitted to herringbone and rotary dairies
• Comes complete with a steel footing so it is level and accurate

• Panelled gates mean cow will flow through the drafting unit
• Quiet, strong gates
• Pneumatic and electrical components protected from weather and dairy effluent
• Steel footing means NaviGATE is level and accurate and will accommodate weigh scales
• Can be retrofitted to herringbone and rotary dairies