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Sophisticated advanced technology is combined in a three-way drafting gate which is simple and easy to operate.

Drafts can be set ahead of, or during, milking so you can relax knowing the right cows will be waiting in the right yard at the end of milking. There is no limit to the number of drafts you can do – the system can also support multiple sort gates to suit your operation and drafting needs.

Cow flow was an essential component in the development of the sort gate. Due to the dual action gate, a wide opening exit is created, allowing cows to maneuver smoothly and confidently through it.

The gates’ soft close technology enables them to open and close quietly minimising the tendency for cows to panic and back-up when following herd-mates.

Ultrasonic sensors, which use sound waves unaffected by ambient light, are positioned in the roof of the sort gate protected from effluent and the weather.  

Unknown and unidentified cows – where the RFID tag has failed or been lost – can be drafted.

The speed and timing of the sort gate can easily be adjusted so you can increase or decrease the speed to suit specific animal sizes for example Jersery vs Cross-breed vs Holstein.

The NaviGate Sort Gate has been designed for optimum strength and durability, constructed of heavy duty galvanised steel tubing. All cabling and air lines are protected by stainless steel covers with no drilling or welding required on-site.


  • Consistently achieves 99% read rates
  • Accurate drafting of unknown and unidentified cows
  • Exceptional cow flow with a wide opening exit for continuous flow
  • Roof protects sensors and components from milking environment and weatherNavigate Flowcharts5