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The NaviGate Dairy Management hub provides you with real-time per-cow information on milking, feeding, weighing and drafting.

A hub is made up of an Animal ID Reader, Office Console and a Parlor Console. The system accurately identifies animals via their HDX RFID ear tag as they enter the platform and provides a means of alerting the operator via voice message and coloured text on a screen (Parlor Console) near the operator.

Animal ID Reader
Each animal is fitted with a HDX RFID ear tag (not supplied). This tag is read by the Animal ID Reader as the animal passes by the antenna. This enables the NaviGate Dairy Management System to know which stall the animal is milked in, allowing the system to collect data. Or when to draft her as she passes through the draft gate, allowing the system to execute an action.

Parlor Console
A parlor console is located at cups-on but wireless connection means additional screens can easily be positioned elsewhere in the dairy eg cups-off. As the animals ID is read, information about her calving, mating, pregnancy tests, treatment and production is displayed on the Parlor Console. From there, depending on which option/s you choose, you can now easily monitor animal and operator performance, per cow production, treatments, customise feeding and schedule drafting. Function keys allow quick data entry to add or remove animals from the herd, add treatments, matings, dry-off, set drafts etc. The system is highly intuitive and easy to use with all your animal information listed logically under a user friendly task-specific menu.

Office Console
A selection of pre-defined reports allow you to get started with the system but it is easy to customise your own. Animals can easily be added or removed from the database either individually or groups with automatic updates timed to suit.

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