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An extra hand on the dairy farm

AfiSort is a powerful management tool that automatically drafts your cows based on your choice of criteria, saving you time and money and ensuring no cow is left unattended.

The computerised gate control system allows you to separate cows for veterinary checks, insemination or other purposes. On a medium or a large sized dairy farm tracking, selecting and monitoring cows for breeding, vet treatment or pregnancy can take a lot of time. The AfiSort system chooses the targeted cow from the mass and directs them accordingly.

AfiSort consists of pneumatic separation gates, automatically controlled by an Afimilk computer to direct cows into treatment areas.

Separation of cows can be set to specific dates and time of day, according to the routine of your herd. Cows are selected for treatment according to criteria you set in your Afimilk program, or by sending a separation command directly from the dairy via the milk meter interface.

• Pneumatic sorting gates
• Computerised herd control
• Automated selection of cows
• You set the criteria
• Works with AfiFarm database to select and sort cows automatically

• Saves time and labour
• Accurate and consistent sorting method 
• Sorts cows for breeding, health and other purposes
• Ensures no cow is left unattended
• Helps maintain productivity