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AfiLab is a real-time milk analyser. It transfers information about milk components to the AfiMilk Herd Management software as milk flows through the milking system each milking.

Installed at every milking point between the milk meter and milk collection line, it collects vital data about each individual cow every milking. It enables you to improve milk production through early identification of feeding and health problems.

AfiLab measures fat, protein and lactose content. It can also identify the presence of blood in milk. AfiLab is an effective and advanced dairy management device.

AfiLab applications:
•Daily milk component data
•Health monitoring
•Feed monitoring
•Milk quality monitoring
•Early detection of metabolic disorders
•Enables you to feed optimal rations based on the true requirements of your cows

• AfiLab measures fat, protein and lactose content – each cow, each milking
• Analysed data appears in Afimilk computer system when each cow leaves the dairy
• Virtually self-operating

• Provides real-time online analysis of milking data
• Early identification of animal health and feeding problems
• Assists decisions around feeding, animal health and milk processing efficiency