AfiFree 305 - Flow Indicator

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The AfiFree 305 - Flow Indicator gives you hands-on, accurate data at the source for smart decision-making.

The unit features a measuring chamber and electronic control display allowing you to make practical decisions based on accurate animal health and milk quality information – on the spot.

Free-flow measurements of milk weights, conductivity, milking time and flow rates are provided. Smart, simple and compact, AfiFree 305 helps you maximise profits by providing you with animal data, health codes and kick off alerts in a clear 4 digit display.

The user friendly units are installed at a comfortable working height and within easy sight and operation at each milking point. AfiFree 305 is available in two configurations – one that is connected to Afimilk software with an online indicator, and one that is not so connected and has an offline indicator.

• Measuring chamber and electronic control display
• Easily accessible
• Visual alerts for quick decision-making
• Available as part of the Afimilk herd management software package or as a stand alone product

• Measures milk weights, conductivity, milking time and flow rates
• Accurate and immediate information at the source
• User friendly
• Maximises profit by giving real time alerts and data