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Collects and stores data

AfiAct detects heat events by measuring the activity of the cow via data collected from an ID pedometer attached to the cow’s legs.

This assists you in improving the fertility and health of your herd. AfiAct can be used as part of a complete Afimilk system or as a stand-alone heat detection module for either cows or heifers.

This heat detection method is based on scientific research showing the co-relation between increases in activity and heat events. The Pedometer counts the cow’s steps and sends the data to your computer where it is analysed to indicate cows in heat.

Pedometer Plus is another option which measures the wellbeing of individual cows and the herd by measuring rest and restlessness of individual cows and sending the data to your computer. This enables you to be well informed of their welfare and to respond early to potential health or environment issues. Pedometer Plus is the only tag in the world that monitors and improves cow welfare.

• Collects and stores valuable and accurate data
• 24x7 all year round heat detection
• Records historic heat and lactation data of an animal
• Available as a stand alone product or as a part of the Afimilk Herd Management system

• Accurate data assists effective decision-making
• Monitors cow well being and activities
• Detects health and breeding problems early
• Saves labour and vet costs
• Reduces unnecessary culling
• Improves herd fertility