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  • Cow-to-bail identification allows for accurate feeding and animal management
  • Event recording to track animal’s health, births, mating, pregnancy tests and more
  • Option to upgrade to milk meters, providing a production view of every animal
  • Large display consoles at cups on and cups off

The NaviGate Premium is the final step in our dairy management system. 

The power of the in-bail identification combined with a full herd management function enables you to collect, record, edit and review data on each cow in your herd, so you can make better management decisions for your dairy operation.  

Automated actions for in-bail feeding and establishing dynamic draft selections provide an unparalleled level of efficiency. Audible and visual alerts are triggered as the cows enter the platform or row ensuring milk vat withholds, health treatments and drug therapies are well managed.  

Feed to animal allows the tailoring of feed rations and the ability to create feed groups meaning every animal gets the right nutritional allocation every time, and the ability to scale up or down depending on the period of the milking season.