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Complete control over the cleaning regime of your milking system

SmartWASH is a completely programmable automated wash system for your milking machine.

With the versatility to manage any wash scenario, SmartWASH enables you to meet all current hygiene standards and regulations.

Developed to provide total flexibility, the SmartWASH Controller is the driving force behind the quality wash system. Its modern touch-screen offers a user-friendly interface. At the touch of a button, SmartWASH can be changed to suit the operator’s needs and control the cleaning regimes of your milking system.

• Easy to use touch screen
• 3 high speed detergent pumps deliver up to 600ml / min
• Compressed air operated valves
• Temperature sensors included
• Data logging capabilities
• Detergent sensors available

• Interlocks protect the system
• Modern electronics
• Easy to follow programming menus
• User friendly touch screen
• Ten wash regimes
• Programmable day by day
• Program acid, alkali or sanitiser washes