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Digital pulsation system

SmartPULS is an exceptional digital pulsation system that opens and closes your liners consistently and dependably every milking – providing optimum milking performance.

Pulsation is the heart of your milking system that enables cows to be milked with the use of vacuum, and SmartPULS is the ultimate choice.

The pulsation technology works in harmony with your cows for maximum milk quantity and quality. The system is designed to limit congestion and oedema in teat tissues during milking, reducing discomfort for the cows and reducing new mastitis infections. Four models are available, giving you lots of flexibility and choice. Each option can be customised. 

• New generation compact precision solenoids exceed 200 million cycles
• Push-button digital circuit boards for easier adjustment
• Brass screw inserts ensure strength of the body housing
• A 16mm ID rear facing filtered air connection port
• 24 volt regulated power supply

• Produces dependably accurate results
• Maintains a high rate of milk flow from the teat within each pulsation cycle
• Rates and ratios are selectable over a wider range and include options for cows, goats and sheep
• Customised pulsation feature to suit your herd