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Help reduce labour costs and improves udder health

The SmartECR is Waikato Milking Systems premier cup remover solution.

SmartECR integrates seamlessly with other premium Waikato Milking Systems technologies to trigger an automated sequence of events during milking, while enabling the operator to customise the milking routine.

SmartECR works with Vortex — Waikato Milking Systems’ latest flow sensor technology. Together they provide accurate end-of-milking identification and minimal vacuum drop during milking. Vortex triggers the end of milking and blocks the vacuum to the cluster prior to cups being removed. Clever software in the SmartECR caters for an almost limitless array of milking routine parameters. Users can tailor a variety of settings to suit their herd and individual preferences.

With benefits such as reduced labour costs and improved udder health, SmartECR is an asset in any milking system. Rotary operations get the most advantages from the technology with integrations including BailMate — cow retention control, SmartSPRAY — automatic teat spray system, SmartD-TECT — mastitis management, and now milk metering.

SmartECR is a robust, fully featured automatic cup remover that triggers an automated sequence of events during milking.

Vortex flow sensor
Vortex flow sensor and shut-off valve works with SmartECR to accurately determine when milking has ended. The unique design also achieves faster milking and near zero vacuum drop across the valve.

SmartCONTROL is a user friendly touch screen panel that controls the settings of all our premium new generation technology including SmartECR’s operating parameters.

• Triggered automatically with optional AutoStart feature
• Global communication from SmartCONTROL
• Waterproof bail switches
• Built-in Ezy Pull-down
• Built-in ram retraction speed adjustment
• Kick-off alert
• Claw drop
• Independent output for BailMate — cow retention control
• Built-in fault diagnostics

• Consistent milking routine
• Ideal for single operator dairies
• With AutoStart simply cup the cow and milking begins
• Automatically triggers the start and stop functions of other new generation technology products
• Accurate end-of-milking identification
• Improves cow comfort at cluster removal