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Perfect Alignment between platform and I Beam - Everytime

The Pivot Roller, designed by and exclusive to Waikato Milking Systems, is one of the biggest innovations in rotary platform design in more than 20 years.

The innovation means that, for the first time, it's possible to maintain perfect alignment between the platform and its support structure (the 'I' beam). The resulting l00% contact enhances the platform performance minimising wear and tear.

• Replaceable l50mm CNC machined cast roller
• l00mm Pivot Roller matched to lOOmm contact strip on 'I' beam
• Replaceable bearings and bushes
• Pre and post installation height adjustment
• Precision laser aided set-up process ensuring exceptional build quality.
• Safety guards on each Pivot Roller protect the operator

• Self-aligning rollers provide constant and perfect contact with the 'I' beam
• Reduced maintenance
• Longer track and roller life
• Wider l00mm wear strip increases life of roller and 'I' beam
• Rollers and bearings easily swapped out with minimum down time in operations
• Roller assembly easily adjusted after installation
• Pre greased sealed bearings
• Optional waste oil collection