Electronic Milk Meter

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High-accuracy milk data

Waikato Milking Systems’ new Electronic Milk Meter is the choice for accuracy, ease of use and low maintenance — providing real-time information about the performance of your cows.

With one per bail you get valuable data on milk yield, flow rates and milking duration. This data will help you make key herd management decisions including feeding, breeding and milking performance. Ultimately this will help you increase the productivity and efficiency of your herd.

With virtually no moving parts, the Electronic Milk Meter is exceptionally easy to install, use and maintain. It integrates easily with Waikato Milking Systems’ Smart products and uploads data to external herd management softwares. 

The Electronic Milk Meter package for every bail includes a Bail Marshal — Waikato Milking Systems’ all-new intelligent plug and play technology. The Bail Marshal manages connectivity and communication between all Smart devices on each bail. It enables you to add as many devices to each bail as you like, bringing the power of simple integration and future-proofing to your milking system like never before. With powerful diagnostics, the Electronic Milk Meter constantly monitors itself and displays error messages to the user on its large LCD display. Software updates for the Electronic Milk Meter can be downloaded as they are released.

Electronic Milk Meter

A highly accurate Electronic Milk Meter at every bail gives you valuable data and helps you increase your herd’s productivity .

Bail display
A large, easy to read LCD screen on every bail displays milking status and alerts.

Bail Marshal
This new plug and play technology at every bail means you can easily connect your milk meter and start using it straight away. The Bail Marshal simplifies connectivity and communication between all bail devices.

• A precision, high-accuracy milk meter
• Handles all levels of milking performance
• Excellent claw vacuum stability
• Automatically starts, stops and resets via SmartECR
• Multi-colour LCD bail display shows detailed milking status
• Designed and made in New Zealand

• High-accuracy data you can rely on
• Integrates with Waikato Milking Systems new generation technology
• Exceptionally easy to install, use and maintain
• Helps improve your herd management decision making
• Increases your herd’s productivity and efficiency