Vortex Shut Off Valve Image




  • A combination high flow milk sensor and shut off valve
  • No recordable vacuum drop through the device during milking
  • Reliable, effective and applicable to all machines
  • 3A Approved

Vortex Shut Off Valve offers a high performance milk shut off valve. Designed to maintain stable teat end vacuum at high milk flow rates. 

The Vortex Shut Off quickly evacuates milk using a unique spiralling action ensuring a continuous vacuum path through the valve.

* Standard feature in North America.





  • Saves labour by removing an operator at cups off
  • Can be set to only lower BailGate if needed (alarms or still milking at bridge)
  • You can choose which alarms will retain an animal to suit each farms milking procedures

BailMate Rams save you time and make it easier to manage animals on your rotary platform, by automatically lowering and raising your BailGate Straps when used with ECR Plus. BailMate rams work intelligently with your ECR Plus to lower and raise a BailGate Strap when the cup removers are activated. If cups are kicked off or a SmartD-TECT alarm occurs, BailMate leaves the BailGate Strap down so the cow is presented back to the operator for inspection. 

SmartSPRAY (Pre and Post) Image




  • Reduces labour in the parlour
  • Sprays every cow, every time
  • Acts as leg spreader, making cupping easier
  • Pre-milking spray option (only with Navigate Dairy Management) which reduces labour

SmartSPRAY is an innovative automatic teat spray system designed specifically for rotary dairies.  

SmartSPRAY replaces the need for manual teat spraying and teat dipping before and after milking. This greatly reduces labour during milking, while ensuring maximum coverage regardless of the cow’s position in the bail. SmartSPRAY is directly controlled by Waikato ECR-S and ECR Plus cup removers. When combined with Waikato Milking Systems cup removers the SmartSPRAY can be set to not spray animals that are returning to the operator. This minimises accidental contamination of milk if the cluster is re-attached.

No operator input is required during milking other than filling the tank with teat spray. The tank is mounted underneath the rotary.

Yield Indicator Image




  • No moving parts means zero maintenance
  • Measures milk volume and milking profile
  • Excellent tool to show milking trends for each animal
  • Large inlet and outlet nozzles ensure very low vacuum drop

The Yield Indicator is a zero maintenance free flow milk volume sensor. When combined with Navigate Dairy Management Software, it is possible to track each animals milking performance over time. 

This data can be used to change feed regimes, improve milking procedures or cull under-performing animals. 

Electronic Milk Meter Image




  • High accuracy (ICAR Pending)
  • Designed to suit high flow rate while maintaining stable teat end vacuum
  • Know exactly how each animal is performing at every milking

The Waikato Electronic Milk Meter gives you an accurate clear picture of how each animal milks at every milking. Not just total volume, the EMM gives the milking profile of each animal which shows how she milks. This indicates milking procedure performance and cow comfort. Production volumes help design better feed regimes for each animal, ensuring your entire herd is performing to its optimum level.

SmartD-TECT Image




  • Individual quarter conductivity provides early warning of potential udder health issues, reducing treatment time and cost
  • SmartD-TECT can reduce milking time by simulating pre-milking, prep routine as part of every cow milking
  • Performs the same routine every milking without operator intervention

SmartD-TECT delivers three milking functions without the operator changing the milking routine.

The system delivers traditional 2+2 pulsation during milking however during the pre-milking phase, it milks each quarter separately and measures the conductivity of each. This eliminates issues with dilution between quarters, delivering an accurate alert for a potential udder problem.

The pre-milking phase replicates udder stimulation. By having the same pre-milking routine every time, cows let their milk down sooner and at a higher average flow rate, reducing milking time for each animal. 

The SmartD-TECT can be set to alert for a small conductivity change where no action may be required or only for animals with a high conductivity, where urgent action is needed. The system can be adjusted via the SmartCONTROL.

* If you choose SmartD-TECT as a pulsation option you don’t need SmartPULS.

SmartPULS Image




  • Independent pulsation per milking point or pair of milking points to suit budgets
  • Rippled timing to ensure stable milking vacuum
  • Each pulsator can be adjusted to suit your preferred milking rate and ratio
  • Pulsator can be flushed with water if a liner splits

The Waikato SmartPULS pulsator gives gentle, accurate pulsation. It can operate two milking points via one pulsator significantly reducing total system cost. 

The electronic solenoids are isolated from the main pulsation action giving a more gentle transition between phases and allowing the pulsator to be flushed with water in the event of a split liner.

Bail Display Image




  • Shows real time milking information
  • Display shows alerts by flashing red
  • Animals can be drafted from the display
  • Manual retain cow in bail*

A robust stainless steel housing holds the bail display for protection from impacts and high pressure wash hoses. The User Display shows the operator the exact status of each animal including any alerts.

Using a backlit LCD display with large characters makes reading quick and easy. And a bright red flashing backlight for alert situations makes it easy to see alerts as they happen.

Shows real time milking information incl: Current Yield & Flow Rate**, Milking Time, Animal ID***, Operator Alerts.

* Requires BailMate/BailGate

**  Needs Yield Indicator or Milk Meter

***  NaviGate Rotary ID

Rotary Positioning System Image




  • 100% accuracy when determining the relationship of the bail to ID due to high quality photo optics
  • Auto positioning feature allows for platform park function
  • Easily fits to any size rotary with no on site welding required

The Rotary Platform Positioning System precisely controls special rotary functions such as Fixed Point Take Off, Claw Drop and BailGate Control.

The patented vision technology system, accurately measures the exact position of the rotary, guaranteeing the relationship between bail and ID wth total confidence. The sensors are mounted away from water, feed dust and animals which improves the reliability and performance over time.

Claw Drop Image




  • Lowers the cluster under the bridge to create a clear space for the cow to enter and exit the rotary
  • Cows do not get tangled in the cluster when trying to enter or exit
  • Hoses don’t get pulled off across the bridge, so do not accidentally vacuum up manure

When you use Claw Drop, your clusters automatically present to the operator for application onto the cow. When the clusters are removed by the cup remover, they automatically drop below the rotary deck and hang on the ECR cord until presented again to the operator. A key benefit of Claw Drop is to clear the cluster set away from the front of the bail so as to avoid cows becoming caught up as they exit the platform.

* Requires Rotary Positioning System or NaviGate ID.

Fixed Point Take Off Image




  • Stops milking and removes the cluster at an exact point near the rotary exit
  • Helps prevent cows being mixed into different groups
  • Speeds up milking time by preventing “double lap” cows

Fixed Point Take Off is a useful time saving feature available with the ECR Plus. The system works by stopping any cows still milking as the bail gets close to the exit.

This means cows do not get mixed up into the wrong group or require you to stop the rotary to let her finish. Because no cows do a second rotation, the total milking time is shortened.

BailGate Control Image




  • Only lowers the BailGate if an animal is still milking across the bridge or has an alert
  • Eliminates unnecessary operation and therefore wear and tear on the BailGate

The BailGate Control means that the BailGate is only lowered behind the cow when needed. For example cows have alerts and need to be re-presented to the operator are automatically retained. 

For cows still milking at the bridge, the BailGate automatically closes preventing the cow from stepping off the platform across the bridge area.