• Ezy Pull-Down valve reduces operator fatigue
  • Adjustable retraction speed ensures clusters are gently removed from the animal ensuring udder health
  • 2 to 1 pull ratio creates a strong retraction force creating more consistent operation

Waikato Vertical Ram ACR/Detacher is a combination of stainless steel take off cylinder and vacuum valves. 

This allows the valves and electronics to be placed up above the machine reducing the chance of accidental damage and increasing the life of the ACR.

It combines a wide range of features like AutoSTART, which allows for quick cupping. It has Ezy Pull-Down to make moving the cups from side to side easier and also has adjustable retraction speed for cow comfort. The Vertical Ram is designed to be easily maintained without specialist tools and requires nothing more than regular greasing to give years of trouble free, consistent, reliable operation.