The Sort Gate 2500 is an entry-level system that will reduce your workload in the parlour and ensure the right animals are drafted every time.

With three-way sorting for your animals, the gates utilise a pneumatic system to open and close quietly to promote good cow flow - while providing a calm working environment.

The Sort Gate 2500 features animal ID sensors mounted inside the gate panels that identify the animals as they walk past to activate the sort gate. To ensure easy access for maintenance, the control and communication equipment is located safely above the gate.

Wireless connectivity allows you to sort cows remotely from your smart phone or tablet, and with the use of CowTRAQ collars - cows on heat can be automatically sorted.

Each cow in the herd is assigned a number, fitted with an electronic ear tag and these details are then entered into an animal database. When you want to draft a cow, simply enter the cow number into TracHQ™ interface (BYOD) and relax, knowing she will be drafted out as she walks through the drafting gate after milking. Drafts can be set before or during milking.

There is no limit to the number of drafts you can do with Sort Gate 2500; the system is scalable to suit your operation and your drafting needs. The Waikato Milking Systems Sort Gate 2500 transforms the frustration and time which often accompanies manual drafting of cows into a calm, managed process.

Simply identify the cow and relax knowing it will happen, every time. Sort Gate 2500 is the extra pair of hands you can rely on 24 hours a day, every day.

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Three-way sorting gates

Utilises a pneumatic system to open and close quietly, promoting good cow flow.

Animal identification sensors

Features animal ID sensors built into the panels to automatically activate the gate.

Low cost & reliable

An economical solution to reduce your workload in the parlour with reliable sorting.

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