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The Benthem's are really happy with their new platform and its performance

The decision to invest in a Waikato Milking Systems Centrus Composite rotary parlour was cemented when Doug and Bruce Benthem visited New Zealand to speak to farmers who were using them.

When they looked at rotaries they couldn’t believe how calm the cows were and how everything was going so slow but you were milking so fast. Utilisation of labour was very good and the rotaries tended to have a higher level of automation than herringbones which was a consideration.

“We’re really happy with the new platform. Three people work in the parlour, milking three times a day. Going with Waikato was the right decision,” Bruce Benthem said.

Herd Size 2000
Dairy Type Centrus Composite Rotary
Plant Size

60 Bails

Key Technologies

Centrus Composite Platform, SmartECR (automatic cup removers), electronic milk meters, SmartD-TECT mastitis detection, SmartPULS digital pulsation system, SmartWASH fully automatic plant wash system and NaviGate Herd Management system.