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Nina Slabber was impressed with Waikato SA's range of products

Nina Slabber and her family took a dynamic approach with their rotary milking system. They went for a 60 point Waikato SA Rotary, fractionated feeding, Afimilk herd management system, Waikato Milking Systems' milking compenents, Rockwood Rotary platform, backing gate and Feed IT. The combination of these products was just the solution they needed. 

When asked about the entire suite Nina had the following to say  -  “I am very impressed with the comprehensive range of innovative products and equipment available through Waikato SA. I found all our needs were met within one company.”

Dairy Type Rockwood Platform with Waikato Milking Systems milking equipment and Afimilk Herd Management Technology
Plant Size

60 Bails

Key Technologies

Waikato 320 Claws, Ultimate ECRs, Autowash System, SmartDRIVE Milk Pump Control System