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Performing at the highest standard, consistently

The new dairy on the YiLi Group Hua Yuan farm reflects the Group’s high standards for creating the optimum environment for animals and people.

An 80 bail Waikato Milking Systems Orbit concrete rotary was selected to milk the farm’s 2,200 cow herd equipped with SmartECRs, bail gates and AfiMilk Herd management. “The Orbit Rotary platform provides operators with a clean, fast milking environment. Cow flow on and off the platform is excellent and the milking equipment is easily accessible.

Around five people operate the rotary, each with a specific role. “From day one the platform and milking system performed smoothly and consistently with no problems. The staff have found the operation of the milking system to be logical and easy and find the milking environment to be quiet, light and airy.

Dairy type

Orbit Concrete Rotary

Herd Size

2200 Cows

Plant size

80 Bails

Key Technologies

SmartECRs, Bailgate Straps, Afimilk Herd Management