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Strong, well designed and a minimum maintenance dairy has pleased the Pilkington family

The Pilkington family’s aim to milk 1000 cows is within sight with two properties, 160 hectares and 220 hectares converted from beef and arable farming, and another in the planning stages.

“We did a lot of due diligence before we commenced the first conversion. I worked in New Zealand and was then joined by my family for a tour of several parlours. We also visited a few parlours back in the UK which confirmed our choice of the Supa4. We wanted a very strong, well designed and functional parlour that was easy to use minimising staff training, wear and tear and maintenance. 

“Our satisfaction with both parlours is evident in the fact that we’ve just ordered another Supa4 for the next dairy conversion.”

Dairy Type Supa4 Herringbone
Herd Size 700 Cows in 2 herds (400 in spring and 300 autumn calving)
Plant Size

2x44 a side and a 24 a side on the way