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Aimee Wilson and Chad Tong find milking a breeze now

Everyone’s happy in the new Wilson dairy north of Te Awamutu, and it’s not hard to see why.

Managers (and partners) Aimee Wilson and Chad Tong had been milking in a 40 aside herringbone  which started life, several decades earlier, as a 16 aside, subsequently undergoing two extensions.

The old shed was beyond its use-by date, it was very labour intensive (three people milking during the peak) and there was no cow flow.

After months of due diligence, talking with farmers about various shed styles and technology options, farm owners, and Aimee’s parents, Peter and Jean Wilson opted for a 54 bail Orbit concrete rotary with SmartECRS, SmartPULS and SmartWASH.   

The first milking took place in December 2015, within three days the cows settling “like they’d been on a rotary all their lives,” Chad said.

“I’d done a lot of milking didn’t enjoy it, until I came to this shed. Now milking and animal handling is a breeze. It’s transformed our lives, freeing us to spend more time with our family. The cows are happy, we’re happy.” 

Dairy Type

Orbit Concrete Rotary 

Herd Size

500 Cows

Plant Size

54 Bail

Key Technologies

SmartECR, SmartPULS, SmartWASH