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Twin Waikato rotaries heart of new 10,000 cow farm in China

Two 80 bail Waikato Milking Systems rotary platforms are at the heart of a new 10,000 cow dairy farm in China which showcases some of the most stringent animal welfare and processing standards in the world.

The 1014 acre farm in Huaxian in China’s Shaanxi province north west of Shanghai is owned by one of the country’s largest dairy processors, Bright Dairies.

The twin Orbit rotary platforms feature the unique pivot roller support system and were commissioned in October 2016. As at September 2017 the dairies are milking 3,000 cows three times a day, 365 days of the year but, as the infrastructure builds and matures, the herd size will increase to a maximum of 10,000 cows.

Cow are milked for 20 hours a day with the remaining four hours devoted to cleaning the milking system. Chinese dairy farms are regulated to wash the plant every six hours and the dairy is set-up so the platforms continue to rotate during washing.

The new dairy has milk metering and each cow is fitted with a pedometer that provides milk yield and activity data and which is fully integrated with herd management software. The system also has automatic sorting and weighing.
David Morris said all milk produced in China must be able to be traced back to the farm and the animal. “Each cow’s pedometer identifies the cow generating up to the minute data on what she is producing and the optimum time for mating.”

Around 300 people are employed on the farm, with five people involved on each platform at each milking.

Dairy Type

Orbit Concrete Rotary

Herd size

10,000 Cows

Plant size

2 x 80 bails

Key Technologies

SmartECRs, Bailgate straps, Aflimilk Herd Management