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The herd is milking better in the new dairy

The  Churstain family considered extending the size of their existing rotary platform, bulit in 1980, but opted to stick with 28 bails to retain the spacious interior and to retain a closed centre platform with the plant located in the centre.

Gutting the old shed and retrofitting the new platform and technology had to be done within six weeks while the herd was out over winter. The herd was dried off on 20 May 2017 and the first milking in the ‘new’ dairy took place five and a half weeks later on 26 June 2017.

The family is delighted they decided to refurbish vs building new.

“We’ve got a 21st century shed for one third of the cost of a new dairy,” Matthew said.

“The herd is milking better in the new dairy; they’re more relaxed. SmartECRs ensure they’re not over-milked. Our Somatic Cell Count is 100,000 lower, we’ve got no mastitis and teat condition is superb. All this adds up to savings on animal health and veterinary bills.

“Anyone could milk in this shed - it’s all push-button and user friendly. It’s an absolute pleasure to milk in and will be good for another 37+ years.”

Dairy type

Orbit concrete Rotary

Plant size

28 bail

Herd size

300 cows

Key Technologies

ECRs, Bailgates, SmartSPRAY