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Great technology and great support

Previously beef and peppermint, 900 acres of the 1200 acre Nankervis farm has been converted to dairying with the first milk produced in March 2016.

“We milk all year round with autumn and spring calving. Aside from the odd relief milking job we had no dairying experience so it’s been a real learning curve. Easing that curve involved a shed and technology which was automated so it’d be easy to operate. We’ve had great service and support from Nichol Dairy Services – from choice of platform and technology to being there when we need them. That backup is really important; we’ve only been milking for six weeks but it’s going well.”

Dairy Type Centrus Composite Rotary
Herd Size 390 Cows
Plant Size

60 Bails

Key Technologies

SmartECRs, SmartD-TECT, SmartSPRAY, BailGate Straps