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Durable, quiet and labour efficient

Robert and Trish Beckett are the second generation of the Beckett family to farm the Rotongaro property, Robert’s parents breaking it in from dense scrub and tea tree to create a functional farm in the 1930s.

Daughter, Verena, is the lower order sharemilker on the farm and her parents wanted to redevelop the farm’s infrastructure to future-proof the business for her and future generations of the family.

At the time it was taking around three hours to milk the herd through the 20 aside herringbone. The family’s aim, therefore, was to develop a dairy which would create the optimum milking environment for the herd and operators, be labour efficient and have the ability to keep pace with technology advances.

The new curved roof dairy is positioned central to the farm, reducing the distance the herd has to walk to and from milking with every aspect designed and constructed with perfection, strength and resilience in mind.

The Centrus Composite Platform fulfilled every aspect of this brief, the family opting for a 54 bail platform with SmartECRs, SmartD-TECT, BailGate straps and SmartSPRAY.

Verena Beckett is thrilled with the new Centrus saying it has reduced milking time significantly. “The cows love it. It’s so quiet you can speak during milking without the need to shout.

“It’s durable, extremely strong and quiet. We love it.”

Dairy Type

Centrus Composite Rotary

Herd Size

580 Cows

Plant Size

54 Bails

Key Technologies

SmartECR, SmartSPRAY, SmartD-TECT, BailGate Straps