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Shane and Jacquie Ashley found the best time to invest and were delighted with the results

Low payout “best time to invest in new rotary” 

In 2014, Wardville farmers Shane and Jacque Ashley were faced with the dilemma of having to replace an unsustainable farm dairy in a low pay-out season.

“It was taking nearly four hours to put 630 cows through the 40 bail rotary built in 1988 which meant that the last cows at each milking were spending up to eight hours a day off pasture,” Shane said.

“We decided to retain the existing yards and demolish the old shed, building again on the same site. 

“We decided on a Centrus 54 composite platform because of the modularity of the entire system, the technological advances with the composite platform combined with the simplicity of use. 

Shane says they are “delighted with the dairy – there’s nothing we’d change.”

Dairy Type Centrus Composite Rotary
Herd Size 650
Plant Size

54 Bail

Key Technologies

Centrus composite platform, SmartWASH, SmartPULS, SmartECR, SmartSPRAY