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Moorby Farm
Project introduction
Crossroads Farm
“It’s really future-proofed the farm and we’re rapt, we couldn’t be happier.”
Seeing a Waikato Milking Systems Rotary in operation was enough to convince Phillip & Sharon Dench it was the...
Totman Dairies
"The herd is a lot more content with the new parlour and the cows flow on and off with ease"
Delivering milking reliability and efficiency today, with the ability to upgrade...
Glenn Family Trust
“We were fortunate that the Waikato Milking Systems 50-bail rotary was able to be manufactured to the same size as our old platform, it just fitted into place, in our...
Vernon and Theresa Corbett
"Our ultimate goal was a shed which was efficient, minimises labour input and works well and that’s what we’ve achieved".
Vernon and Theresa Corbett were sharemilking in Matamata when the option...
Tainui Group Holdings
"The farms are now more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly for the future"
Tainui Group Holdings engaged Waikato Milking Systems to upgrade the effluent management systems across three of its dairy...
Rob and Nicola Bassett
"We’ve now got a system that is bigger than what we require at the moment but we’ve done that to future proof the farm"
Rob and Nicola Bassett’s decision to “bite...
Grant Coombes
The new effluent management system should keep us going for a long time, it should outlast our milking shed and make sure we’re compliant.
Installing a new effluent management system has...