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One man milking 330 cows/hr, on a 44 bail rotary comfortably

Farming just outside Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, GD Young has developed a thriving enterprise of 350 dairy cows in a relatively short space of time.

Hailing from Argyll, Scotland, GD purchased the 400ac holding – which consisted of 50% stubble ground and 50% old permanent pasture – in 2015.

GD admitted that he initially wanted to install a herringbone parlour. However, after having discussions with other farmers – particularly Pat Hickey and Ciaran McDonald – he opted to install a 44-unit Waikato rotary parlour. His father George also encouraged him to install a rotary milking parlour.

The parlour installed on GD’s farm was the first Waikato rotary to be installed on an Irish farm. It comes equipped with ACRs (automatic cluster removers), auto-retention, automatic teat spray and a full automatic wash system.

“One man can milk in the 44-unit rotary comfortably and put 300 cows per hour through it as his ease,” GD explained.

Herd Size

350 Cows

Dairy Type

Orbit Concrete Rotary

Plant Size

44 Bails

Key Technologies

SmartECR, SmartSPRAY