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Future proofed system that has eliminated cup slips

In 1992, when John and Jenny built an 18 aside herringbone, the farm milked 160 cows. However, over the ensuing 24 years the farm’s productivity improved which, coupled with land acquisition, enabled them to double the size of the herd. 

“The old shed was simply too small so we decided to replace it with a 30 aside herringbone which was commissioned at the start of the 2015/2016 season.We liked the integrated system which means we can add technology when we want to. Love the swing arm; they allow good cup alignment and virtually eliminate cup slip – and creates more space in the pit. We’re rapped with the shed, it’s brilliant.”

Dairy Type Herringbone Supa4
Herd Size 300 Cows
Plant Size

30 a side

Key Technologies

Swing Arms, Swing Down Jetters