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1100 cows per hour through two 84 bail platforms

One of the aims of the newly developed Heihe ZhongXing Animal Husbandry farm south of Heihe City was to efficiently and effectively milk the milking herd of 6000 cows three times a day. 

The Chairman, Mr Liu, visited Waikato Milking Systems in 2014 placing an order for two 84 bail Platforms (one Centrus and one Orbit) each with (a complete set of) Smart technologies.

Today, each platform is harvesting the milk from 3000 cows, with a combined throughput of 1100 cows per hour.

The Farm and Parlour Managers - Mr Ao, Mr Gao and Mr Wen - are very pleased with the ease of operation and performance of each platform.

Dairy Type

Centrus and Orbit

Herd size

1100 cows

Plant size

2 x 84 Bail

Key Technologies

SmartPULS, SmartECRs, SmartSPRAY, Bailgate straps, Afimilk Herd Management