Sheep and goat milking no fad 20 Jun, 2016

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Sheep and goat milking no fad

With more and more farmers turning to sheep and goat milking, a better system of harvesting milk using products designed to keep pace with advances in technology, has been developed by Waikato Milking Systems.

Already recognised around the world for their innovations in bovine dairy systems, the company is now gaining recognition from overseas farmers for their range of sheep and goat milking systems.

"Demand for the systems is growing," small ruminants specialist for Waikato Milking Systems Gary Feeney said.

"We have probably had more than 20 enquiries this year which indicates there is growth in that sector. Recently, a goat farmer from Canada travelled here to look at the system for his 9000-goat farm."

The company launched their new composite deck for sheep and goat milking rotary shed at Fieldays and gained plenty of interest.

"The composite deck and the way it is manufactured make it a premium product," he said.

"It is basically a kitset and can be installed and assembled in just a couple of weeks."

The company has been collaborating with leaders in the sheep and goat milking industry to develop a range of systems. These can be customised for individual farmers from a basic package to a high end system with milk meters and automatic cup removers and anything in-between.

Historical problems with identification readers have also been addressed.

"Previously, the entrance identification reader was located in front of the animal similar to bovine ID readers but was a problem for the small ruminant animals," he said.

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