Rotary Platform Gets Makeover 22 Jun, 2015 by Hugh Stringleman

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Rotary Platform Gets Makeover

INNOVATIONS that will extend the life and reduce the maintenance costs of rotary dairy platforms were unveiled at the National Agricultural Fieldays by Waikato Milking Systems.

New pivot roller components would treat the whole rotary platform as one big commercial bearing, Waikato Milking Systems chief executive Dean Bell said.

After a fundamental redesign, the new self-aligning rollers provided constant and perfect contact with the “I” beam, which governs the rotary action. That minimised wear and tear and enabled a new, wider (100mm) wear strip underneath the beam. Consequently the contact strip lasted a great deal longer and could be replaced more easily.

The pivot rollers are suspended between two loadbearing bushes, allowing the rollers to obtain perfect contact with the contact strip during rotation. The whole pivot roller assembly was also 50mm height adjustable to allow for adjustments during the life of the machine.

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Source: The New Zealand Farmers Weekly