New Zealand company launch rotary dairy platform in Ireland and the UK 4 Sep, 2016

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The Centrus Composite Rotary Platform is available in in 40, 50, 60 and 84 stall configurations

A rotary dairy platform, reputed to be the most technologically advanced in the world, is now available for UK and Irish dairy farmers in a range of sizes, according to Waikato Milking Systems.

The Centrus Composite Rotary Platform is available in in 40, 50, 60 and 84 stall configurations, with its design and manufacture exclusive to the New Zealand based company.

The 84, 60 and 54 stall platforms were originally developed in response to demand from farmers for a platform with the size, strength and durability required by a global market where very large herds and 24/7 milking are commonplace, the dairy equipment manufacturer has said.

The deck sections of Centrus Composite Rotary platforms are formed in a multi-layer processthat includes Kevlar, according to Waikato Milking Systems, a material used in the construction of aircraft and international racing yachts.

“The decks are bonded together by a unique high-strength adhesive which, coincidentally, is used in wind turbines and military vehicles,” Wisnewski said.

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